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Mattress Firmness Guide: Is a Soft or Firm Mattress Best for You?

Firmness plays an important role in buying a new mattress, which presents the cushioning and pressure relief performance of the mattress in some extent. Each firmness scale has different characteristics and the targeted sleepers it's suitable for. 

In this guide, we will list the features of different firmness scales and the key factors to help you find your best mattress firmness. Then we’ll talk about how firm Sweetnight mattresses are. Let’s start with the definition of mattress firmness. 

What’s Mattress Firmness?

Simply, the firmness, or hardness is the feeling that you lay on a mattress, and it can be soft or hard. That means it’s subjective and might be slightly different from person to person, depending on personal preference, your size and body weight, etc. 

Some people tend to believe that a firm mattress is always more supportive than the softer, which is not exactly true. They are different. Support indicates that a mattress promotes the proper alignment of your spine.     

The Firmness Scale

The methods that many manufacturers use to measure the mattress firmness might differ, but commonly in mattress world, we use a 10-point scale to describe it. The lowest number means the softest level, and the highest end, the firmest. You could find the best mattress firmness according to your needs and preferences.

Firmness LevelFeelCharacteristics
1Extra SoftExtra soft mattresses closely conform to your body and sink significantly.
2-3SoftSoft surfaces conform and sink considerably.
4-5Medium softMedium soft mattresses conform fairly closely and sink some.
6-7Medium firmMedium firm surfaces conform moderately, but do not sink much.
8Slightly firmSlightly firm mattresses still conform comparatively but sink less.
9FirmFirm surfaces provide minimal conforming and sinkage.
10Extra firmExtra firm beds have virtually no conforming and no perceptible sinkage.

Which Is the Best Firmness for You?

Your sleeping style: The sleeping style here refers to the sleeping positions, such as sleeping on your back, side, stomach or changing your positions a lot in bed. 

For side and combo sleepers, medium firm mattresses that cushion pressure points and support your spine with moderate sinkage would be better choices. All while, back and stomach sleepers might prefer medium firm and slightly firm mattresses that provide responsive support to promote proper spine alignment, without sinking too much.

Your weight: Body weight or size is an essential factor that influences your feeling about the mattress. For example, light-weight people tend to place less pressure to the bed surface and sink less, that is, they would feel firmer than the average-sized and heavy weight sleepers when sleeping on the same mattress.

Therefore, medium soft and medium firm mattresses are recommended for petite sleepers. For the average and the plus-sized people, medium firm and slightly firm mattresses will comfortably fit their needs and preferences.

Suffer from pains: Mattresses with outstanding contouring performance, gently hug your pressure points and relieve pains, making them the best choices for body pain sufferers. You could choose soft, medium soft or medium firm mattresses according to you actual needs.

Mattress types: Each mattress type has lots of firmness options and more importantly, you should pick the best depending on your real needs. Generally, memory foam mattress does well in contouring comfort and pressure relief, while the innerspring, works great at responsiveness and support. If you like something in between, the hybrid mattresses that present the best of both worlds would be your cup of tea.    

Sweetnight Mattress Firmness Guide

Most Sweetnight mattresses provide a medium firm feeling, which is the most universal firmness level that gives all types of sleepers a better rest. We also offer options for those who like to sleep on two different surfaces of different firmness levels - Whisper Flippable Memory Foam Mattress and Sunkiss Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress, both of which provide a medium firm top surface and a slightly firm bottom.

Please note that mattresses of different thickness levels might present different firmness. For instance, for the same model, a 10-inch memory foam mattress if often firmer than its 12-inch counterpart. Most of Sweetnight mattresses are conform to this common rule, but some are not. For more information, please talk to our team.  

This guide/article is for informational purposes only and should not replace the professional advice from your doctors and medical consultants.

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