The Ultimate Mattress Thickness Guide

The right mattress plays a key role in better sleep and overall wellness. When it comes to quality mattresses, mattress thickness matters. Generally, there is no standard on the height of mattresses, and mattress thickness actually depends on your sleeping type, body weight, the one you share your bed with, your preference, etc. Sometimes deciding what mattress thickness to start with would be not easy, and that's why we made this guide to help you choose the best SweetNight mattress due to your real needs.

The Ultimate Mattress Thickness Guide

Mattress Thickness Chart

Mattress Thickness ChartThickness (Inches) Thickness (Centimeters)
Extra Thick Mattress14 inches - 20 inches 35.56 cm - 50.8 cm
Thick Mattress12 inches - 14 inches 30.48 cm - 35.56 cm
Standard Mattress 8 inches - 12 inches 20.32 cm - 30.48 cm
Slim Mattresses 5 inches - 8 inches 12.7 cm - 20.32 cm
Low Profile Mattress 2 inches - 5 inches 5.08 cm - 12.7 cm

How To Choose The Right Mattresses Thickness?

Mattress thickness is associated the comfort, support and firmness level delivered by the mattress. Most commonly, for the same models, the comfort layer and base layer of the thicker mattresses add more height and provide more cushioning feeling.

Low profile mattress is the thinnest mattress type and is often found in recreational vehicles, fold-away beds and air mattresses. All while, slim mattresses are recommended for children and sleepers with limited mobility to get in and out of the bed easily.

The followings are some factors should be taken into account when you choose your mattress thickness:

Right Mattresses Thickness For Different Sleep Positions

3 Important Considerations When Choosing a Mattress

1. Body Weight

Most lightweight and average sleepers can find their best mattresses among 8 to 12 inches thickness, but for the plus-sized, the thick choices between 12 to 14 inches or more provide better support and comfort.

2. Sharing a Bed with Your Partner?

Sharing a Bed with Your Partner

We would recommended at least 10 to 12 inches thick mattresses for couples or two sleepers who share the same bed, the thicker comfort layers and a tall base layer of which can be more supportive and durable.

3. Your Bed Height

The height of your bed base also matters. Taller sleepers need higher bed to get in and out comfortably. When you want to replace your old mattress with a thicker one, we would recommend you to try a mattress topper first, which can add extra height and comfort but doesn't cost so much.

SweetNight Mattress Height

We provide hybrid and memory foam mattresses of 10-inch, 12-inch, and different sizes for you to sleep better and deeper.



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