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Our Story

The founder of our brand has been engaged in sleep product sales and mattress international trade since graduating from university. Due to job demand, he often does customer research and marketing all over the world. After communicating with a large number of customers, he found that mattresses are a vital part of the sleeping environment, and it is difficult for most people to choose a mattress that suits them. Sleep problems caused by uncomfortable mattresses are not rare. More and more people suffer from insomnia. He further learned that insomnia has become a worldwide problem, and various diseases caused by insomnia have seriously affected the health of many human beings. After contacting so many people with insomnia and learning about their pains, the founder felt distressed and anxious about it as if he himself had the issues. He felt that there was a voice calling, and a sense of mission rising in his heart: As a practitioner in the sleep industry, I have the ability and responsibility to let them, eliminate insomnia and regain their health.

He decided to start with the mattress that he is most familiar with to solve this problem. During that time, his thought process was “How can people more easily choose a comfortable mattress?” How to make it easier for people to get quality sleep? What may affect people’s sleep quality? With deeper and more careful thinking, he found that the existing conditions could not solve the problem. Therefore, after years of accumulation, he founded the brand, Sweet Night in July 2011, launched more high-quality and humanized mattress products and integrated sleep industry resources and perfected the sleep industry chain to create Sweet Night’s unique "sleep ecosystem", which allows people to have quality sleep in a simpler and more convenient way. It was since then, he has a goal: To make Sweet Night a leading global brand of sleep to serve all humanities. With this mission, he stepped on a challenging road...

Sleep Tight With Ease

Sleep Tight With Ease