Prime Cashback Rules

* By participating in this event, you agree to the following event rules and terms.

Competition Details

  1. Buy a Prime mattress.
  2. Like & subscribe to @sweetnightsleep on Instagram
  3. Post a photo or a video of you enjoying your new Prime and add a comment on why you love your new Prime.
  4. Make sure to @sweetnightsleep in the post to join the cashback competition.
  5. For every 1 like that you receive, for your post, within the 7-day cashback rounds, we will give you 1USD cashback up to the maximum value of your order.
  6. Each Cashback Round period is as follows:
    • 12:00am (PST) 18th– 24th May 2023
    • 12:00am (PST) 25th– 31st May 2023
    • 12:00am (PST) 1st– 7th June 2023
    • 12:00am (PST) 8th– 14th June 2023
  7. You can enter one round with one order number only. Once you have entered by posting the content once, you cannot use the same order number for other rounds. All order numbers can only have one participant. Once you have entered in one of the Cashback Round period listed above you cannot participate in other rounds.
  8. You must private message us on Instagram @sweetnightsleep within 24 hours after a round concludes in order to be eligible for us to calculate your likes and provide the cashback. Make sure to send to us your order number and link to your post in this private message.
  9. If you do not provide the screenshot or link of the post within 24 hours of the cashback round’s conclusion, then you are not eligible for cashback rewards.
  10. All cashbacks can only be given up to your order’s maximum value e.g. If your mattress purchase was 1000USD and you only have 200 likes for your post, we can only give a cash back of only 200USD.
  11. We will notify all people that are eligible for the cashbacks and have correctly posted their content with @sweetnightsleep within 72 hours of the competition round conclusions with the final cashback amount.


Terms & Conditions


  • Only people that have purchased the Prime Mattress from sweetnight.comcan participate in this competition.


  • The competition is open for one month starting May 11th

Responsibilities of participants:

  • By participating in this event, you agree to the terms and conditions of this event. Participants are not allowed to post bad, untrue or even derogatory or insulting information about sweetnight, otherwise sweetnight has the right to hold participants responsible.
  • Participants are expected to be truthful in providing competition data and are not allowed to cheat, alter screenshots or other false information to obtain cashback.


  • All cashback’s will be taken into consideration and deducted from the refund amount should you choose to return the Prime mattress within the 100-day sleep trial duration. E.g., If my mattress purchase is 1000USD and I received a 200USD from the cashback competition, but I decided to return the Prime mattress, then my refund would only be the amount remaining, which is 800USD.

Intellectual property rights:

  • Participants should ensure that the content published has intellectual property rights and will not infringe on the intellectual property rights or other rights and interests of any third party, any disputes arising from this will be the responsibility of the participant and not of sweetnight, and sweetnight may hold the participant responsible for any damage caused.
  • By joining this competition through posting any content whether video, photo or text on Instagram, the participant has agreed to give SweetNight unlimited usage rights for all content generated without additional charge or limitations of use for present or future marketing purposes.

Confidential information:

  • SweetNight will only address participant winners using exclusively Instagram account names during any public posts. We will not leak or publish any private information such address, real names, contact information or order numbers when announcing winners.

If we deem that you have cheated in this competition or have edited the screenshot through editing to get a higher cashback reward, we will automatically disqualify you from this competition and void the actual amount you would have received.Sweetnight has the final say on this event and the rules.


If you have any questions, please contact us.