What is the best pillow?

Although we spend 5-8 hours per day sleeping, there are still many people who cannot sleep well especially because they have the wrong pillow.
How can the pillow play an important role in sleeping? And what kind of pillow is the best one for you? Continues reading to learn.

Most people hope to know what the best pillow is, but it’s more important to learn how to pick the right pillow. The best pillow doesn’t mean the most expensive one. When you pick the right pillow up, it helps in alleviating or preventing many common forms of back and neck pain, as well as shoulder, hip, and other forms of joint pain.

First of all, you need to know what kind of sleeping position makes you most comfortable while sleeping. Quickly check the list below to find out the basic information about the perfect pillow fit for you.


Stomach sleeper: Having a soft pillow will allow your neck to stay more in line with your spine.


Back sleeper: Bet that you don’t like a pillow that’s too firm or too soft, so you may want one that is thicker and firmer on the bottom, to provide a bit of neck support.


Side sleepers: You will need a thicker, firmer pillow to help support the neck.

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When you have clearly understood what kind of a sleeper you are, you can move to the next step: Choosing your pillow fillings. If you have asthma, allergies, or chronic neck pain, you may need a particular filling or a dust mite-proof cover for the pillow. Also, you can purchase an adjustable pillow, especially if you are a mixed sleeper or you still cannot find out the kind of sleeper you are. Then you can select an adjustable pillow in which you can take some fillings out and put more fillings in to find your best fit. Sweet Night provides the high-quality adjustable pillow which includes the best memory foam pillow and bamboo shredded memory foam pillow.

Maybe you cannot find the best pillow for yourself the first few times you try, but with more practice you are bound to understand the different kinds of pillows and you will find your fit.

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