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What is Pillow Loft? - The Highs and Lows of Pillow Thickness

You want to go out shopping for a new & cozy pillow. There are some hints about buying a pillow. The first thing is to consider if you want a high or low loft pillow. When it comes to pillows, the loft is a term or concept you need to know about.

Loft refers to the height or thickness of your pillow.
You can essentially replace the word 'loft' with 'height', which can greatly impact your sleep experience. The loft of the pillow can vary depending on the materials used to fill it, as well as the design of the pillow itself. The most common types of pillow fillings include down, feathers, memory foam, latex, and synthetic fibers. You can choose the optimal pillow depending on their needs.

What is Pillow Loft - The Highs and Lows of Pillow Thickness


  • Different Types of Pillow Loft
  • The Factors Affect Pillow Loft
  • How to Choose the Ideal Pillow
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Different Types of Pillow Loft

Under the market standards, there are 3 common loft measurements:

Low Loft: Less than 3 inches thick

The lower height can be best suited for stomach sleepers or individuals who prefer a flatter pillow. They provide orthotic support for motion transfer while offering support for the neck and head, which is good for your shoulder and spine misalignment caused by injuries or lack of exercise.

Medium Loft: 3-6 inches thick

The medium height is suitable for back sleepers or individuals who prefer moderate support, creating the perfect “S” curve for treating back pain issues. Additionally, the strain on the craniocervical region is reduced thanks to the balance between support and comfort it provides.

High loft: More than 6 inches thick

For most side sleepers, a higher-height pillow is an ideal option. The height of your pillow should be able to match your spine so that your neck and shoulders stay in place. In addition, a higher pillow loft lessens tossing and turning since it can create a horizontal spinal curvature, which is the ideal postural alignment, to begin with, can be produced by sleeping on a tall pillow.

It is crucial to keep in mind that pushing your jumping to the limit - either too high or too low, is bad for your muscle. Better spinal support and cervical comfort are provided by slightly elevating the cushion. A high-loft plush would refer to a thick pillow that is soft enough that your head can sink into it. On the flip side, a low-loft firm would refer to a thin pillow that has a hard and supportive surface, to keep your head propped up.

Different Types of Pillow Loft Affect Sleeping Positions

The Factors Affect Pillow Loft

As you might find that a high loft pillow sinks down to a medium loft once you place the weight of your sleeping head on top of it. Choosing the right loft can greatly impact your sleep. So many factors can affect the pillow loft, the correct loft of your pillow entirely depends on how high your head would naturally sit on the mattress. Your pillow fills in that gap, allowing you to comfortably rest your head at an appropriate height. Here are some factors to determine the height where your head naturally rests & how lofty your pillow should be.

Mattress firmness

You will sink further into a soft mattress than you will into a firm one. You won’t need as much height from your pillow because your spine will be more closely aligned with your mattress’s height.

Mattress firmness

Body size/weight

Body weight can also affect your pillow loft needs. A heavier or larger body places more pressure on a mattress, sinking further than a lighter or smaller body.

Pillow Placement

Pillow placement is another important factor to consider. Sleeping on the edge of your pillow will see you need a loftier pillow than someone who sleeps in the center.

Shoulder size

For side sleepers, a broad-shouldered person will need a higher loft pillow, because the shoulder width causes the head to sit higher off the mattress.

Head size

A larger, heavier head will need a loftier pillow than someone with a smaller and lighter head.

Sleep position

The most important aspect in choosing the ideal pillow loft for your needs may be the position in which you sleep. A low loft pillow is suggested if you sleep on your stomach to avoid stressing your neck. A medium pillow loft is an ideal option if you sleep on your back. A high pillow loft is required if you sleep on your side to keep your head from sinking too far into the pillow.

How to Choose the Ideal Pillow

How to define an ideal pillow? In our opinion, a perfect pillow should support your head, neck, and shoulders so that your spine can stay in a proper alignment. Also, it should be also cushioning enough to make you feel soft and relieved. Your mattress, bedding, as well as your pillow, should work together and deliver a good night’s sleep to you. Worry not! We will pass on to you the experience we have gained from more than a decade of research in bedding.


The most common pillows are made of down, memory foam, latex, cotton, and so much more. The selection of materials depends on your requirement, for example, if you are prone to dust mite allergies, a latex pillow is unquestionably your best choice. If you tend to sleep hot, a pillow made of gel-infused memory foam or synthetic foam can meet your needs. Also, if you need more filling to support your neck and head, down and cotton may be the materials you want to avoid.

Sleep position

  • Back sleepers. They are craving for more support on their neck and head, thus the pillow won’t evaluate your neck to an abnormal position. A medium-thick pillow can fit their bill.
  • Side sleepers. They require a pillow with more firmness, height, and support than back or stomach sleepers. A pillow at 4-6 inches can be a good option.
  • Stomach sleepers. A pillow without ample support can stress your spine and muscle of the back and neck. A pillow at a lower height and softer is the best for them.
  • Combination sleepers. Do their various sleeping positions require the ten perfect pillows? Well, not really, they still have their preferred sleeping position, which typically determines their pillow loft and needs.


Choosing a pillow, the hot issue we couldn’t possibly avoid was definitely also related to size. While pillow loft describes how tall or thick the pillow is, pillow size describes how much room the pillow occupies and your head can rest on, and this relies on your practical needs.

Personal preference

Apart from the aforementioned factors, your own preference is also a criterion to assess whether a pillow is perfect for you.


Overall, it is wise to choose a pillow that can adjust the loft by putting out or stuffing more pillow plushes or materials. Some pillows are made with zippers on the side for people to adjust the loft. Then, you will have better control over how lofty should fit your needs.

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