What Is a Hybrid Mattress?

What Is a Hybrid Mattress?

What Is a Hybrid Mattress Made Of?

A hybrid mattress (also known as a combination mattress) is a multi-layer mattress that uses a combination of either innerspring, latex, gel, memory foam or other material layers to obtain the best comfort and support. 

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Compared to traditional innerspring mattresses, hybrid mattresses gain more benefits from the mixed use of materials and design. It's about using the advantages of various mattress styles to create a new sleep experience. Let’s take a closer look at the components of a hybrid mattress.

  • Pillow top/Euro top. Typically 1-2 inches thick at the top, which is only available in a small part of hybrid mattresses. As the name suggests, this layer allows the sleepers to experience the “plush feel” and extra softness.
  • Comfort layer. Generally made of cushioning material, such as memory foam, gel or latex, that cradles the sleepers with a huggable feel.
  • Transition layer. Below the comfort layer but above the support layer. It offers a buffer for the base layer and enables a good transition from the support layer to the comfort layer.
  • Support layer. It is also called the foundation layer, which generally accounts for half of the height of the entire mattress and as the name suggests provides a structurally supportive mattress base. All hybrid mattresses will tend to use pocketed coils for enhanced body support and motion isolation.

If you like the bounce and support of a spring mattress combined with the comfort of memory foam, why not choose a hybrid mattress. Hybrid mattresses are also perfect if you tend to switch your sleeping position frequently throughout the night.

The Pros & Cons of Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattress have been quite popular in the US and has become a top choice for modern sleepers compared to the common innerspring. So, how does a hybrid mattress stand out in a sea of mattress types available on the market.


1.They are really comfortable

In contrast to a traditional innerspring mattress, a hybrid is about leveraging the strengths of different materials and design. Hybrid mattresses with a combination of memory foam and pocket coils usually offers better body contour support than a traditional fully spring based mattress. Pocket coils work independently of each other which allows better weight and shape support, so you don't need to worry about sagging or sinking in the wrong places.

2.Pain relieving

A mattress is not a miracle cure to all your sleep related problems, but it can give you a more comfortable experience with the possible benefit of pain relief. Hybrid mattresses as mentioned before, offers great contour support, which means that your back muscles should be able to relax effectively putting you in a better state for the next day ahead.

3.Support where you need it

Pocket coils are a marvelous innovation to classic innerspring design. The use of smaller independent springs react more sensitively to changes in the sleepers weight and body pressure to create better overall support for the full body. This helps to reduce tension that could be caused from excess sagging created by your arms, hips, and shoulders for a better sleep experience.

4.Suitable for all sleeping positions

A hybrid mattress is a good choice for all sleep positions, the individually pocketed coils provides support while the foam delivers the much needed cushioning for the body. The gel transfer layer circulates heat away from the body during sleep, preventing you from feeling too hot during the night.

5.Minimal motion transfer

If you share a bed with your partner, kids or pets, a hybrid mattress is definitely a great option for you. We all know how annoying it can be, being woken up by movement during the night. Since hybrid mattresses use both foam and pocket coils this combination offers great motion isolation so that you are not disturbed by movement during sleep.

6.Less noise

Since hybrid mattresses use pocketed coils, they tend to generate less noise and are less likely to create unwanted creaking sounds over the course of the mattress life time. Each pocket coil is wrapped in a high quality non-woven fabric so that the friction between coils rubbing against each other does not generate unpleasant noises.


1.More expensive

Hybrid mattresses due to the combination of material it uses, tend to be more expensive than your common innerspring or memory foam choices on the market. Which is why the volume of Hybrid mattresses sold are generally lower compared to more budget friendly options.


Since the pocket coils are indepedent of each other, the number of coils used adds to the weight of the mattress and production cost. Good hybrid mattresses tend to have more than 650+ coils. The more coils, the better, but it also means a much higher shipping fee due to the increased weight. This can be a bit inconvenient for people that frequently move from location to location and may need something more mobile.

Hybrid vs Memory Foam Mattress

NASA originally created memory foam, also known as viscoelastic foam, to be used as padding in aircraft seats. It has gained popularity in the mattress industry as a result of its ability to conform to the shape of a sleeper.

The majority of memory foam mattresses have a memory foam comfort layer on top of a high-density polyfoam support core. Some memory foam mattresses usually include additional components, such as latex, and specialized polyfoam, in order to improve their resilience, responsiveness and temperature regulation.

Both memory foam and hybrid mattresses frequently employ thick comfort systems to relieve pressure and reduce motion transfer. The support core is where memory foam mattress and hybrid mattress versions diverge most. Hybrid mattresses often have a coil structure, while memory foam mattresses often have a high-density polyfoam core, which outperforms coil systems in terms of motion isolation and noise management, but coil systems typically score higher in terms of bounce, breathability and edge support.

Table header 0Memory foamHybrid
Overall feel▶Pressure relief. 
▶Motion isolation.
▶Full-body pressure relief..
▶Balanced conforming.
More suitable for▶Sleepers who are easily disturbed by moment.
▶Side sleepers.
▶Sleepers who prefer to body-contouring.
▶Hot sleepers.
▶All sleep positions.
▶Sleepers who prefer a bouncy feel.

Hybrid vs Innerspring Mattress

Since the first upholstery coil springs were employed in carriage seats for early automobiles - in the mid-19th century, innerspring mattresses have been available for quite some time. 

Innerspring mattresses refers to a type of mattress with an interconnected coil system for its support core. It consists of a comfort layer and a fully coil support layer on the bottom. The comfort layer provides soft cushioning for the sleepers. Most are made of latex, memory foam, gel or wool. The support layer of the innerspring mattress contains a spring base of either Bonnell, Offset, or Continuous coils, or Pocket coils. Each has unique properties, and a slightly different feel for sleepers.

The combination of multiple materials is what makes a hybrid mattress. All materials will play to their strengths in a hybrid mattress, relieving pressure points through the other layers as well as providing support through the pocket coil base. 

Compared with innerspring mattresses, the biggest advantage of hybrid mattresses is the thicker comfort layer. Generally, the comfort layer of an innerspring mattress is no more than 2 inches thick, but the comfort layer of a hybrid mattress at least two inches. Thus s hybrid mattress with memory foam can deliver you extraordinary body-contouring support. 

Table header 0InnerspringHybrid
Overall feel▶Supportive and firm.
▶Less motion isolation.
▶Better contour support.
▶Good motion isolation.
More suitable for▶Stomach sleepers.
▶Hot sleepers.
▶Plus-sized sleepers.
▶Hot sleepers.
▶All sleep positions.
▶Sleepers who prefer responsiveness.

Twilight Hybrid Mattress

The Twilight mattress from SweetNight® is a good example of a quality hybrid mattress, which uses Certi-PUR certified memory foam and a pocketed coil support system. 

The Twilight consists of four layers working in unison to provide an optimal sleep experience. The top three foam layers are about comfort, cooling and contouring, while the pocket coils provide bounce and support to the sleep experience.

No more overheating at night as the gel transfer layer and pocket coil system help to circulate heat away from the body to help regulate body temperature.

Try it today! SweetNight® offers a 100-day full refund policy in case the bed does not suit your needs. Contact our Customer Service Team, and we will gladly solve any issues that you may have.

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