SweetNight Debuts Contouring Curve™: A New Innovative Design on Memory Foam Mattress for All Sleep Positions

Innerspring vs. Memory Foam

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Bold Design Innovation Offers Great Comfort to All Types of Sleepers

LOS ANGELES, April 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- To personalize and improve the sleep experience, SweetNight today announced its newest innovation on design, Contouring Curve™, a proprietary design innovation specific to memory foam mattress types that will be central to the new SweetNight Prime Mattress Series rolling out in the first half of 2023.

Modern memory foam mattresses provide great body contouring support and are highly suitable for side sleepers because of its ability to provide adequate sinking range. However, the softness of a foam mattress might not offer the ideal firmness level that a back or front-position sleeper requires. The result of this is a foam mattress that prioritizes one sleep position over others, which means you have no choice, but to either keep or return the product if it does not address the sleepers' needs.

Contouring Curve™ involves an ingenious S-shaped cut in a single block of high-density memory foam. Although it may seem like a simple process, the peaks and troughs of the cut are meticulously calculated with precise distribution of materials to achieve four distinct firmness zones in one product that can be adjusted by simply flipping or rotating the mattress. Through this unique foam curvature technique, it creates 'variable sinking range,' which allows sleepers to choose the firmness profile or comfort zone that suits their sleep preferences.

Contouring Curve™

Contouring CurveTM  is SweetNight's signature process in making adjustable memory foam mattresses that fit all sleepers and their changing sleep needs. A full memory foam mattress with'Contouring CurveTM' is adjustable and usually has three to four firmness profiles in one. You can adjust the firmness simply by flipping or rotating the mattress to the profile that best fits the way you sleep.

This design feature benefits consumers that are new to memory foam mattresses and are unsure of what type of mattress suits their sleeping habits. The ability to change the firmness gives users flexibility as it can adapt to the changing needs of the sleeper through time. A good example is a person who was predominantly a back sleeper but may need to sleep on their side due to pregnancy. Previously you may need to purchase added accessories to compensate for lifestyle changes, but the Contouring Curve mattress has adjustable firmness that can suit your changing needs.

"We are excited about introducing this groundbreaking Contouring Curve design feature that will be incorporated into our product line for 2023 as part of our new Prime series," stated Tony Wong, Founder, and CEO of SweetNight. "Never have we been satisfied with our past successes alone. Through a passion for innovation and design progress, we are always looking for new features and benefits for our customers worldwide."

SweetNight's signature design will be featured in this year's Prime Mattress, which launch in Q2 of 2023. The Prime promises to bring a quality sleep experience that can be adjusted to fit your sleep comfort. More information on the Prime Mattress will be released in the coming weeks closer to the launch date.

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