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Memory Foam vs. Spring Mattress: Pick Your Perfect One!

Although there are wide selections of mattresses available on the market today, memory foam is one of the most well-known. Memory foam was actually first developed by NASA engineers. When you sleep on it, you may feel incredible for it owes its origins to the space race. The invention of the spring mattress preceded memory foam, but that does not mean one is more advanced than the other. Basically, the two types of mattresses differ in their feel. Memory foam mattresses are able to conform to the body while the spring mattresses offer bouncy support.

The benefits and drawbacks of both memory foam and spring mattresses should be weighed carefully. When you are making a decision aiming at sleeping well, try to figure out you sleeping patterns and preferences. 

In the average life, we will spend about 26 years in bed. It is vital to sleep in a healthy way as poor sleeping always brings body aches, impaired concentration, black mood and even anxiety. Considering this way, to pick your right mattress really means a lot.

What is Memory Foam Mattress?

Foam mattresses are made of different types of foam. It is quite a wonderful practice that memory foam was applied to the mattress after NASA. Memory foam mattress can be molded onto your body while enabling you soft touch feeling experience. It enjoys a high reputation for its heat-absorbing and weight distributing.

Traditional Memory Foam 

Traditional memory foam mattresses are built with polyurethane foam, with which a closed cell structure to trap heat. Without too many springs, these kinds of mattresses are softer.   

Gel-Infused Memory Foam 

Due to the infusion of gel, gel-infused memory foam mattress has a cooler surface than traditional memory foam, making it a better option for those who sleep hot. The enhancement in cooling also makes it more expensive. 

Plant-Based Memory Foam 

Plant-based memory foam, obviously using plant-based ingredients, is the most environmentally friendly of the three memory foam mattress types. The open-cell structure in it allows heat to escape, making the mattress more breathable. It's soft to medium in firmness, so you won't sink in too much. As its material and the way to produce, it is also more expensive.

What Is a Spring Mattress?

Spring mattresses, also known as innerspring mattresses, are the most traditional type of mattress. For people with low back pain, they are very friendly. If you're not satisfied with the support a foam mattress provides, they may be an ideal choice.

The main part of the spring mattress includes springs and fillers. To judge the quality of a spring mattress, understanding of spring system is of most importance.

Types of Spring Systems:

Different types of box spring mattresses can be identified by the specific coils or springs used. The thicker the coils, the firmer it is. Thinner coils are less sturdy, but better contour your body. The following are five different types of innersprings. 

Bonnell Coil

The hourglass coil is the support layer of the mattress. These coils are the cheapest and so this kind of spring mattresses is less durable.

Offset Coil

The individual coils are tightly bound together to form a coil layer that provides firm support for the mattress. These mattresses are durable, but the attached coils can transfer motion, so they're not a good choice for couples.

Continuous Coil

Continuous coils are twisted into thousands of coils to form a support layer, making the mattress extremely durable, but it also transfers motion.

Pocket Coil

Pocketed coil mattresses contain innerspring coils individually wrapped in fabric. It uses is more advanced technology than other products, so it is the most expensive. The individual wraps provide motion isolation, which is one of the reasons these mattresses are most popular.


Two layers of coils stacks on top of each other to reduce bounce while increase support for the mattress.

Key Differences between Memory Foam and Spring Mattresses

We compared the two mattresses for several features and summarize the below table:

FeatureMemory Foam MattressSpring Mattress
DurabilityLasts 8-12 yearsLasts 5-8 years
Support·More body-conforming ·Support all body parts·Firmer support ·Not Support all body parts
BounceLow in bounceHigh in bounce
Pain-reducingMore pressure reliefLess pressure relief
Motion transfer isolationGood isolating motion transferPoor isolating motion transfer
Temperature-regulationTraps heat, but with cooling technologies infusingGood temperature regulation with coil layer enhancing airflow
Sleep PositionGreat for all Sleep PositionsRecommended for back and side sleepers
PriceVast price range, depending on different materialsGenerally less expensive than memory foam
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From the above, we know that there are fundamental differences between the two types of mattresses, but there is no single mattress that is absolutely best for one type of sleeper. To make the right choice between memory foam and spring mattress, you must consider your sleeping patterns and preferences. Here are 5 factors you can refer to:

Whether you prefer body-conforming or bounce ---- Some people like the snug feel of memory foam, and others prefer the excellent bounce that springs provide.

If you are a hot sleeper ---- the breathability of memory foam mattresses is not that good, but the gel memory foam bed has better temperature regulation. Spring mattresses perform well in this respect, with coil layer to allow airflow.

Whether you share a bed with a partner or not ---- A major advantage of memory foam mattresses is their ability to isolate motion transfer. It will be amazing that you feel little about the one sleeping on the other side tossing and turning. In spring mattresses, pocketed coils can also be used to isolate motion and minimize disturbance.

If you have a medical condition such as back pain ---- You may benefit more from an spring mattress of its firmness and durable support layer, if you tend to have less back pain and spinal alignment.

Whether you have a generous budget or not ---- Typically, memory foam mattresses are priced higher than spring mattresses due to high material costs.


Picking your prefect mattress seems a long journey. Both memory foam and spring mattress have their pros and cons. If you want something in between, opting for a hybrid mattress can be a great way to have it both ways.

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