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Is Sleep a Hobby?

One essential aspect of our daily lives is sleep. Our bodies and brains may naturally regenerate and replenish themselves through this process. While many people view hobbies as things they do while they’re awake, one would wonder if sleeping qualifies as a hobby.

Is Sleep a Hobby?


  • How to Define Hobby?
  • 5 Reasons Why Sleeping is My Hobby
  • Conclusion

How to Define Hobby?

How do we categorize sleep, first of all, how do we define hobby? In Merriam-Webster, the definition of hobby: is a pursuit outside one's regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation.

Is sleep for relaxation? yes, it could be a mini-vacation of the day, so why can’t it be a hobby? In a world where there are countless things to do, from extreme sports to stamp collecting, it is time to shed some light on the underrated hobby of sleeping.

5 Reasons Why Sleeping is My Hobby

1. It Can Restore My Body and Mind

It Can Restore My Body and Mind

Sleep is the well-known hero in relaxation and overall well-being. While we catch some Z’s, our body gets a well-deserved break and our mind processes the day’s chaos. It’s like pressing the rest button on our bodies and minds, waking up feeling as rejuvenated as a daisy. Not to mention the added benefit of less tension and anxiety - it’s like getting a free therapy session every night!

2. The Ideal Way to Kill Time

Time just seems to fly by while you’re asleep, lost in a beautiful fog of cozy blankets and dreams. It’s similar to pressing the fast-forward sleep as a perk. So why not curl up and let sleep do its job, rather than fidgeting with your thumbs or glancing at the time?

3. I Can Dream

The most fascinating phenomenon that we can dream about is when we’re asleep, we can experience the jungle adventure, you can be the astronaut and fly to the moon... Dream like a hidden garden where our most fervent dreams and profound yearnings arise and bloom. They serve as the blank canvas on which we create the most amazing situations and the stage where we play the starring roles in our own blockbuster movies.

4. The Activity I Love to Do

Sleep is the getaway from the trouble of everyday life. I enjoy going to sleep because it’s the only time I can really let go of the outside world and enter the fantastic realm of dreams. I can get fully rested and would not be bothered by something annoying.

5. My Wonderland: My Bed

My bed would never get mad at me, my bed would never abandon me, and my bed would never betray me. It won’t ask me to work overtime, it won’t give me the cold shoulder, it won’t break my heart. It will embrace all my emotions and bad moods, whenever I need it, my bed is always there for me. I love my bed!


I Love Sleep Club

Sleeping is not exactly what you’d call a hobby - it’s something we all have to do to exist. Just think of a group of people who are “Sleep Enthusiasts” and come together to participate in sleep marathons. It’s just too absurd!

But let’s be honest - sleeping seems like a tiny haven in the middle of our hectic life. It’s an opportunity to momentarily escape reality and unwind mentally and physically. So why not think of it as a hobby? Let’s avoid bias, we are not afraid to say that our hobby is sleeping!

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