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Congrats! It is nice to get those bothersome wisdom teeth out! While saying goodbye to those troublemakers is an exciting moment, it is crucial to recognize the importance of restful sleep in the healing process.

Sleep, as we all know, is the body’s natural way of healing and rejuvenating itself. So fast-forward to some witty tips on how to sleep like a champ after wisdom teeth extraction!

how to sleep after wisdom teeth removal


  • Sleep on Your Side or Back?
  • Tips After Wisdom Teeth Removal
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Actually, you can sleep on either your back or your side. Depending on how the extraction went, you can choose which sleeping position is the most comfortable for you. It is preferable to sleep on the other side if you had one side of your wisdom teeth extracted and had a particularly bloody experience in order to prevent applying pressure to the extraction site and increasing the chance of bleeding further.


tips afer wisdom teeth removal

After removing your wisdom teeth, there are thousands of challenges waiting for you. Should you brush your teeth? How to take in food and drink? Can I have a painkiller?... The recovery costs almost one week, how to take good care of the painful socket and not influence our daily life routine? Let’s dive in, we’ll make it clear!


Of course, you can brush your teeth, but the timing is crucial. It is advisable to brush your teeth after 24 hours and keep the wound clean. After getting your wisdom teeth pulled, remember not to rinse your mouth right away or go poking around the extracted tooth like a curious cat. Give your wound some time to heal, and resist the urge to play dentist with your tongue.


No! Never spitting after wisdom teeth removal. Regardless of how much the taste of blood and medicine bothers you, it is best to fight the impulse to repeatedly spit out saliva after having your wisdom teeth out. It’s totally normal to have some blood in your mouth following a tooth extraction. You can safely ingest the medications used by dentists as they are harmless. Furthermore, these drugs will eventually leave your system and be eliminated with other waste products. However, spitting out saliva will interfere with the creation of blood clots at the extraction site, which only worsens your healing process.


It is critical to adhere to certain dietary recommendations following wisdom teeth extraction in order to promote optimal healing and reduce the chance of problems. It's normally advised to wait until the anesthesia wears off before eating, however, in the first few days after the procedure, it is important to choose soft, easily digestible foods. Mashed potatoes, smoothies, yogurt, soup, and scrambled eggs are a few examples of them. Foods that are hard, crunchy, spicy, or sticky should be avoided since they may irritate the surgical site or become stuck in the extraction socket.


We must advise against the smoke or drink after wisdom teeth removal. Smoking might cause the blood clot that forms in the socket to come loose in addition to delaying the healing process. In addition, the alcohol can worsen bleeding and conflict with painkillers. So, let’s focus on a speedy recovery and put down the cigarettes and cocktails.


After your wisdom teeth are removed, there is some bleeding going on. The dentists usually stuff some sterile gauze or cotton into the wound. However, don’t poke at it with your tongue or fingers, as this could accidentally remove the gauze and cause more bleeding. Plus, the clotting function of your body will begin to form a blood clot to cover the wound, avoid picking at it just because it feels strange—that clot is actually aiding in the healing process!


use ice packs for any swelling

In a nutshell, having your wisdom teeth extracted can be quite painful, but it doesn’t have to keep you up at night. You'll be napping like a baby in no time with these tips and tricks. In order to maintain your delicate post-surgery state, keep your head raised, use ice packs for any swelling, and refrain from engaging in any activities. So go ahead and catch those Z's since the greatest remedy for wisdom tooth wounds is a restful night's sleep.

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