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Different Sleeping Positions: What’s the best?

Sleeping might be the most direct and effective way to revive your body after a tiring day. Having a high-quality night sleep can be the same wish of almost everyone. When you are seeking a cure for improving your sleep quality, keeping a watchful eyes on your sleeping position and you might find out the secret of it.

You’ve been accustomed to the same position since childhood. So you tend to settle into your favorite position naturally when you crawl into bed at night. Is this habitual sleeping posture really healthy?

 In fact, the only sleeping position that works for everyone never exists. There are several sleeping positions, and each with different pros and cons depending on individual circumstances. In this guide, we will learn more about the main types of resting postures: back sleeping, side sleeping, and stomach sleeping, and discover the better sleep.

In This Article

  • What Are The Common Sleep Positions?
  • How Do Different Sleeping Positions Affect Your Health?
  • Some Tips for Switching up Your Sleeping Positions
  • How to find the best mattress for your sleeping position?

What Are The Common Sleep Positions?

The sleeping position is the overall body configuration you assumed during or prior to sleeping. The main body surface we most touch our mattress determines our sleeping position: side back and stomach, and there are more subdivisions under each category.

Sleep on your side

Fetal position: Nearly half of American sleep in this curled-up position -- with arms and legs bent inward just like a fetus in our mother's womb. This is the most popular sleeping position, and more women prefer to sleep in this manner.

Log position: The least popular side-sleeping position -- with both arms and legs straight down, sleep like a hunk of wood. Despite being the least popular one, it still benefits a lot.

Yearner position: About 13% of Americans sleeping this way -- with both arms stretched out in front of your body, almost as if you're reaching for something.

Sleep on your back

Soldier position: 11% of sleepers prefer to rest in this manner -- with both arms down by your side, lying on your back as straight as a soldier stands.

Starfish position: This is the least common sleeping position -- with both arms up around the pillow, lying on your back like the marine animal. This position extended towards all directions. 

Sleep on your stomach

Freefall position: This is the second most popular sleeping position -- lying on your stomach with your arms up around your pillow, and your head turned to the side. However, one-quarter of all Americans consider it the worst sleeping position.

How Do Different Sleeping Positions Affect Your Health?

It is such a routine habit that many do not consider the health effects of sleeping in one or another manner. But we have to realize that it matters.

Sleep on your side:

Experts often recommend side sleeping. When it comes to health, sleeping on your side has tangible benefits:

1.Relieves snoring- Lying on your side relieves pressure in your nose and allow more airflow to breathe easier.

2.Relieves lower back pain and improve spinal alignment.

3.Improves digestion- The side-lying position keeps your stomach below your esophagus, which not only reduces heartburn, but also improves blood flow and makes it harder for stomach acid to rise.

4.Contributes to the health of mothers-to-be and fetus. Sleeping on your side can reduce pressure on the uterus and relieve joint pain during pregnancy.

It's worth noting that side sleeping isn't suitable for everyone. Avoid resting on your side if you have any of the following conditions:

1.Shoulder Pain - Research shows that the best solution to shoulder pain is sleeping on your back rather than that on your side.

2.Facial Wrinkles - Wrinkles and even facial dilation can appear as long-time contact between the face and pillow.

Sleep on your back

For many sleepers, sleeping on their backs undoubtedly provides a healthy body of support. It can benefit from:

1. Relieves back pain - Head, neck, and spine remain in a natural, neutral position for less chance of back pain.

2. Helps prevent facial wrinkles – By keeping your face off the pillow, and out of contact with bacteria on your pillowcase, you don’t have to worry about facial wrinkles if you are sleeping on your back.

3. Relieves nasal congestion - Lying on your back can help clear the mucus from the nasal cavity so that the nose can be unobstructed.

4. Good for babies of any age - Pediatricians recommend that babies should sleep on their backs to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). But for adults, lying on your back isn't always best.

1.For mothers-to-be, sleeping on their back might reduce blood flow and increase pressure on the heart.

2.For snorers, it may be perpetuate. When you sleep on your back, concerned about gravity, the base of the tongue is backward and tends to decline and block the airway. 

Sleep on your stomach

Stomach sleeping can let you breathe more easily, to some extent, diminishing sleep apnea symptoms. But sleeping on your stomach has too many negative consequences to make it a long-term habit. It is often associated with many health problems:

1. Bad for Spine support -- Sleeping on your stomach means your hips and stomach will sink into the mattress. It can leads your spine out of alignment, which also bring neck twist .

2. Induces facial wrinkles -- Just as sleeping on your side will cause facial wrinkles, sleeping on your stomach puts more stress on your face and the problem can only be bigger.

3. Feeling hot --- This is a common complaint of stomach sleepers.

4. Perpetuates the discomfort of acid reflux.

5. Premature sagging of your breasts -- Lying on your stomach will press on certain organs unnaturally for an extended time.

Some Tips for Switching up Your Sleeping Positions

Your sleeping position plays a big role in your sleep quality. If you’re suffering at night, it might be time for you to switch it up. At least changing your improper sleep position can be worth trying out.

1.Take it easy – Sleeping in a position you’re not used to can be difficult at first. However, you will become more comfortable as time passes by.

2.Use extra props - Such as pillows. If you want to try lying on your back, you can place a pillow on each side of your torso. If you want to sleep on your side, place a pillow between your knees, or behind your back to prevent you from rolling onto your back. By using a pillow, you can make your body maintain a new sleeping position.

3.Consider proper beddingthe right mattress and pillows can make a good night’s sleep at your fingertips. Make sure your bed size is suitable to allow you enough space to rest. If you are trying to be back sleepers, you usually need to choose mattresses that are firm enough, while side sleepers may go for softer foam mattresses.

How to find the best mattress for your sleeping position?

Matching your suitable mattress makes premium sleep more accessible. Take your preferred sleeping position into consideration because it plays a part in choosing this right mattress.

Side sleepers 

The best mattresses for side sleepers are those conform to your body's natural curves and take the pressure off your hips and shoulders. You will receive a restorative night's sleep if your spine is properly aligned. So you can consider mattresses with:

· Individually wrapped coils-- more body-contouring than open coils, offer great motion isolation—no need to be too heavy psychological burden, your partner won't be disturbed even if you toss and turn at night.

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Enjoy A Delightful Night’s Sleep with Twilight Mattresses at SweetNight:

With individually wrapped coils absorbing movement as you sleep, and a pillow top offers you exact softness, you will get a blissful rest without unexpected interruption, especially with side sleepers who will toss and turn at night.

· Memory foam top layer or hybrid mattress-- soft enough to hug your curves, supports your spine and offers pressure relief for your shoulders, back, and neck. A too-firm mattress (no matter spring or memory foam) will leave you with aches and pains. 

Experience A Real Comfortable Night’s Sleep with Dreamy Hybrid:

Keeping a balance of softness and firmness, Dreamy Hybrid features zoned, contouring pocket coil support core and offers targeted, comfortable support for you than ever.

Back sleepers 

For back sleepers, the ideal mattress should avoid anything too soft or too firm, and the "sinking" feeling but provide a balance of comfort and support. A medium comfort level mattress ( foam or hybrid mattress) may help you get better rest. Since they’ll adequately support your lumbar spine.

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Embrace A Pain-reliving Night’s Sleep with Dreamy:

The unique Contouring Curve Design supports your back area, it cradles your spine, ensuring you have a hugging feel, thus relieving your back pain. The gel-infused layer can keep your body temperature in check all night, providing a cool night’s sleep.

Stomach sleepers

Lying your face down is not recommended. But if you can only get a good night’s sleep by sleeping in this manner, make sure you sleep on the right mattress. An ideal mattress for stomach sleepers should firmly support the spine. You can probably choose:

· Innerspring mattress-- It’s a good option for stomach sleepers because of enough airflow between coils to sleep cool.

· Hybrid mattress-- It’ anther good choice for stomach sleepers with individually wrapped coils that contour to your body, and a softer foam cover that cushions your body.

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Slumber Comfy with Twilight:

The innovative pocketed coil system offers a great motion isolation experience, with superior cooling technology improving the cooling effect by 50%, which prevents you from night sweating. Memory foam - typically isn’t the best option for stomach sleepers since it sleeps hot. However, choosing one with a cooling effect can solve the problem.

Start Sleeping Better with SweetNight

No matter what positions you are sleeping on, choosing a premium mattress is one step closer to your good night's sleep.