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This is the never-ending battle with these uninvited guests that make your nights miserable and your skin crawl. Most mattress covers nowadays like the Avengers of the mattress world, protect your mattress from stains, liquids, and allergens. However, they do need some special care, here are the mattress cover caretakers and guide you through the dos and don’ts of washing these superheroes.

can you wash bed bug mattress cover


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check the washing label

Before you wash your bed bug mattress cover, it is necessary to check out the washing label and follow its own set of instructions for care. Consider it like getting to know the person behind the cover. Perhaps it has a preference for a low temperature or a soft cycle. If you treat it well, it will do everything in its power to safeguard your mattress!


It’s inevitable that your mattress cover encounters some battles with stains, spills, or the occasional bed bug invasion. Don’t worry if your mattress cover can handle these challenges. Just be sure to move quickly! Show the stains and spills who’s the boss! Grab a moist towel, and remove them with gentle strokes. Keep in mind that patience is the key to success, don’t rub it as it can worsen this situation.


This can avoid any accidents involving shrinkage, so make sure to follow the temperature guidelines. Take a peek at the packaging or give customer support a ring if you’re feeling a bit lost.


follow the washing instructions for care


It is not recommended to bleach a bed bug mattress cover as bleach may not effectively kill the bed bugs and their eggs. Additionally, overly strong bleaches have the potential to harm fabrics or perhaps reduce their resistance to bed bug infestation.


It is important to note the protective features of the cover that you don’t want to mess with since the high heat can harm it. And you don’t want to get a mattress cover that doesn’t protect, right? So, never dry clean or iron clean your bed bug mattress cover.


What about drying it outdoors? It could seem like a nice idea to soak the mattress cover or shield in the sun, but be careful - it might turn out yellowish. Allow it to dry indoors and let the atmosphere do the magic.


When buy a mattress cover to protect our cherished mattresses from those annoying bloodsuckers, but then we start to wonder if we can really clean them. Yes, you can indeed wash your bed bug mattress cover. But, there are a few things you should be aware of before blindly throwing them in the washing machine. Check the washing label, make a quick move, and clean it in a moderate mode. Avoid any don’ts in our blog, then you’ll get a fresh and clean mattress cover!

A crucial part of keeping your mattress clean and free from bed bugs. In order to eradicate any potential bed bugs or eggs, it is advised to wash the blankets in hot water and dry them on high heat. To maintain the cover’s longevity, make sure you wash and dry them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Cleaning your bed bug mattress covers on a regular basis can help your bedroom clean and stop bed bugs from spreading.

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