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Can You Sleep on a Mattress Straight Away?

Getting a mattress can be a significant investment of time and money for many people. It takes time to research the product. It takes time to find a good price. It takes time to get it delivered. When it does arrive, the temptation to lay down and drift off to sleep on your new mattress is almost irresistible.

But hold on! Did you know there is actually something known as 'mattress expansion?' Yes! It applies to most mattresses, but particularly to those new modern vacuum-packed mattresses that arrive at your door straight out of the box.

You may have a few questions when you see your new mattress pristinely rolled up and plastic wrapped. Wow...Can I really sleep on this right away or what? How long do I have to wait before the word 'comfort' happens?

Can You Sleep on a Mattress Straight Away


  • What Does “Mattress Expansion” Mean?
  • Can You Sleep on a New Mattress Right Away?
  • Why You Can't Sleep on a New Mattress Right Away?
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What Does “Mattress Expansion” Mean?

Mattress Expansion

Before we address our primary question of “Can you sleep on a new mattress straight away?”, it’s important to understand what mattress expansion is. Mattress expansion is the process through which your new mattress, which was compressed for delivery, regains its full form and dimensions. The majority of contemporary mattresses, particularly those delivered in boxes, are compressed, vacuum-sealed, and rolled tight to facilitate easier and more cost-effective transport. However, once the packaging is removed, the mattress begins to “breathe”, slowly growing to its original size. This process isn’t immediate, and depending on the mattress type, it can range from a few hours to a few days. The mattress needs this time to fully inflate and achieve its optimal comfort and support levels.

Can You Sleep on a New Mattress Right Away?

Can I Sleep on a New Mattress Right Away

OK, after comprehending what mattress expansion is, let’s turn back to the “Can you sleep on a new mattress right away?" question. Technically, yes, of course, you can sleep on a new mattress immediately, as most mattress manufacturers state that the mattress is definitely safe to sleep on the first night. However, don’t expect to have the most comfortable sleep of your life, though. The mattress won’t provide its full degree of comfort and support because it is still expanding. Some regions could feel a little firmer or softer than others. Generally speaking, sleeping on your mattress straight away won’t damage its internal structure, although it might not provide the dreamlike comfort you envisioned for your first night.

So in our opinion (and experience), it probably makes sense not to sleep on the mattress right away.

Why You Can't Sleep on a New Mattress Right Away?

First of all, a new mattress needs time to its original dimensions. You have hauled away your old, lumpy mattress, having spent a lot of time and effort choosing a new mattress, and imagined time after time how wonderful it will be to sleep on this new mattress. Now the only place that you can sleep would be the floor and the sofa during this period. Hurts, doesn't it?

The new mattress is rolled and compressed for convenient delivery to your home. The spec on the mattress label or the product manual that comes with the mattress provides a detailed description of how much time your mattress will be needed for expansion. As we mentioned before, this can range from brands to materials. Some mattresses take 24 hours, and some mattresses require up to 72 hours for their usable shapes. Within 24 hours of being opened, most mattresses in boxes attain roughly 90% of their full expansion, while the manufacturers continue to say no for their reasons. During this period, sleeping on the new mattress would not feel like sleeping on a cloud if the mattress wasn’t fully expanded. For your better sleeping experience, let’s face it.

Also, off-gassing is another big issue, which refers to the smell you might notice when you unbox it. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are used in the manufacturing process, are released in this manner. Although the majority of these gases are safe, some people may find the scent disagreeable or develop mild allergies. Again, for the best purchase and sleeping experience, waiting for at least 24 hours would be the thumb rule.

How to Expedite Mattress Expansion

Now that you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing you can sleep on a mattress while it’s expanding, it’s also essential to the process of mattress expansion. a huge mattress was compressed by a specific machine and sealed in a plastic bag with heat to ensure the mattress would not grow and inflate before unboxing. When the packaging is opened, air starts to leak back into these layers, raising and expanding the mattress. The amount of time needed for various mattress types to completely expand varies. For example, memory foam mattresses typically require more time than innerspring or hybrid mattresses. It is a good idea always refer to the manufacturer’s specific instructions.

a bit of heat can help expedite the mattress expansion

And yes, there are a few things you can do to help expedite the mattress expansion process. First, remove the mattress from its packaging and allow it to fully expand in a well-ventilated room. You can also gently massage the mattress to help distribute the filling and encourage expansion. Although we thought the effect would be close to zero, it is still worth a try. Additionally, applying a bit of heat to the room, such as using a space heater or opening windows to let in sunlight, can help speed up the process. Avoid placing any heavy objects on it during this time.

How to Speed up Mattress Off-Gassing

How to Speed up Mattress Off-Gassing

The CertiPUR-US certification has set strict guidelines for producing these mattresses, so purchasing a CertiPUR-US-certified mattress has almost halfway done. Off-gassing is a natural process that occurs when a new mattress is unpacked from its packaging. You can help the process by ensuring that the room is well-ventilated and by removing any covers or sheets from the mattress. It's also recommended to allow the mattress to air out for several hours before using it.


In a nutshell, you can’t sleep on a new mattress straight away, but there won’t be any serious repercussions if you do. A brand-new mattress needs time to expand and air out. If you utilize your mattress right out of the box, the sleeping experience on this mattress would be compromised by the lack of time for full expansion. We strongly recommend that you enjoy quality sleep on a mattress that is in its best shape, and leave at least 48 hours for the mattress to breathe.



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