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Best Place to Buy a Mattress: Online Store or Brick-and-Mortar Store?

Perhaps you haven't noticed that buying a mattress online is becoming a new trend. But it seems to be common sense to lay on it to have a test for at least minutes before bringing it home from the showroom. So many people think buying a mattress online is unreliable. But actually, it's not like buying new clothes, where you only need to try them on for a few minutes to determine if they fit you. Experts generally recommend that sleepers take 21 days to get used to a new mattress. And buying a mattress online can have free shipping & returns, great price, diverse options, transparent information, etc., making online store the best place to buy a mattress. This article compares online store with brick-and-mortar store to give you a better idea of the advantages of purchasing a mattress online. May you read on.

Great Prices and Discounts

One of the most significant benefits of shopping online is the low prices. For example, at SweetNight online store, the same king-size mattress can range from $400-$700. The price fluctuations in brick and mortar mattress stores are usually more minor. This is because in addition to the direct costs of manufacturing mattresses, operating a brick-and-mortar store also need to pay commercial rents, high salaries for sales staff and local advertising costs. And online stores do not have to pay these additional costs, manufacturers can invest more in product research. On some special holidays, manufacturers will even give more significant discounts, and people can use the least amount of money to buy the most comfortable bed.

Free Sleep Trial

Many people believe that buying a mattress in a brick-and-mortar store, where you can try before you buy, is the most significant advantage of brick-and-mortar shopping. But as mentioned above, a simple ten-minute stretch in bed does not determine whether a mattress is right for you. Studies show that it usually takes 21 days for people to get used to a new bed. To solve this problem, most online stores offer consumers a free sleep trial period, at least 30 days, to decide whether to keep their new bed.

Free Shipping & Returns

One of the most convenient things about buying online is that your mattress will be shipped directly to your front door via FedEx or UPS. In most cases, your new bed will be vacuum-compressed in a box. Then, all you have to do is to get it out, place it on your frame, and wait for it to expand fully (which usually takes 12+ hours)! Alternatively, if you don't want to set it up yourself, you can also opt for an extra white glove delivery service. Also, many online brands offer free returns to gain their customers' trust. And for brick-and-mortar stores, most retailers promise free shipping, but the fees associated with returns may be very high.

Diverse Options and Transparent Information

As you know, a brick-and-mortar store can only stock a specific type of mattress because of the limited display space. On the other hand, the Internet is limitless, and you can browse through different types of mattresses, their making materials, quality, etc., with a few clicks of your finger. This process does not need to rely on a salesperson. Also, when buying a mattress, pay attention to the density of the foam (the denser, the better), the warranty period (the longer, the better), and unique materials (like, gel memory foam, phase change material, bamboo charcoal fiber), etc.

SweetNight Make You Sleep Better

SweetNight, an online sleep brand, is committed to creating a unique "sleep ecosystem" and introducing more quality and user-friendly mattress products so that people can get quality sleep more simply and conveniently. SweetNight mattresses are made with eco-friendly and natural materials. We hope to offer the healthy and the best for you, helping you sleep better. 

This guide/article is for informational purposes only and should not replace the professional advice from your doctors and medical consultants.