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Best Medium Firm Queen Size Mattress By Sweetnight

Queen size mattresses, the most popular bed size, measure 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length. Queen beds are perhaps most versatile for all sleepers. Compared to the full, queen mattresses give single sleepers luxurious space to move around in bed, while comfortably fit the sleep needs of most couples. They also nicely fit in small bedrooms and are commonly found in master rooms.  

Medium Firm Queen Size Mattress

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If you are looking for a new queen bed, but are torn between a memory foam mattress and an innerspring mattress. May you read on and find your best choice. 

Best Medium Firm Queen Size Memory Foam Mattresses

Best for your budget - Whisper Flippable Memory Foam Mattress

Compared with hybrid mattresses, memory foam mattresses are famous for its slow recovery feature that could closely contour to sleepers’ body shape and effectively reduce pressure on the shoulders and hips. Most of Sweetnight memory foam mattresses lay in medium firm level. And the Whisper, featuring double-sided comfort, has a medium-firm top surface and the slightly firm mattress bottom. It’s a perfect choice for sleepers who like to try two firmness levels at the same mattress and value durability.

Product Details:

Whisper Flippable Memory Foam Mattress Queen
Best for:
· Back and side sleepers less than 230 lbs

· People on a budget

· Sleepers who are easily disturbed by others
· Best value for your money

· Cooling gel-infused memory foam ensures cooling and pressure-relieving comfort

· Multi-layer foams offer cushioning support and motion isolation
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Best Medium Firm Queen Size Hybrid Mattresses

Best-selling hybrid mattress - Twilight Pillow Top Hybrid Mattress 

Best value hybrid mattress - Dreamy Hybrid Mattress 

The best innerspring mattress delivers a perfect balance of comfort and support. Designed with cooling gel memory foam and unique pocket coil support core, Sweetnight Queen Hybrids give an unmatched sleep experience. The comfort layers cuddle you body and relieve pressure and pain, while the durable support base provides responsive bounce. Enjoy your bedtime freely, and we’ll get your back. 

Product Details:

Twilight Pillow Top Hybrid Mattress Queen

Dreamy Hybrid Mattress Queen

Best for:

  • Pillow top mattress fans 
  • Couples or those share the bed
  • Side and combo sleepers

Best for:

  • People need more surface to change their sleep positions a lot
  • Budget-conscious sleepers 
  • Those suffer from back pain


  • The foam-on-coil support prevents sinking too much 
  • The bouncy pocket coils keep your spine properly aligned
  • Extra comfort layer helps to isolate motion and absorb noise


  • Enhanced edge support enlarges the bed surface
  • Each spring coil is individually wrapped in fabric to reduce the friction between coils for excellent motion isolation and targeted support
  • Engineered for back health

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