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Best Mattress For Couples Guide

What mattress size is best for couples? Full or queen size? And what about the king? It seems to be a confusing question with so many options. In order to ensure you and your partner a comfy, relaxing, restful sleep, we will explore this issue in this guide. So, just go ahead and browse it.

Is the Full Size Mattress Best for Couples?

A full size mattress is generally 54 x 75 inches. It can nicely fit in most guest bedrooms or some small sleeping space at least 9 feet 6 inches by 10 feet 6 inches. If you and your partner shop for this, each of you will just have 27 inches of width space. Therefore, you must ask yourselves the following questions:

  • Do we love to snuggle together?
  • Is our budget tight?
  • Is the bedroom where we put the mattress less than 10 feet by 10 feet?
  • Do we need to move frequently or live somewhere with more than 6 flights of stairs but without an elevator?

If your answers are yes, a full size mattress is a perfect option for you. Because it can provide enough space to fall asleep with cuddling status and tends to be more inexpensive than other larger sizes, and the same to its accessories. And for its smaller size, a full mattress is not only ideal for a bedroom 9 feet 6 inches by 10 feet 6 inches or bigger, but easier to move away or up to a high floor without elevator. 

However, it is obviously not friendly to those who need some extra space to stretch out or people taller than 6 feet. So, if you are in one of these cases, please read on.   

Is the King Size Mattress Best for Couples?

A king size mattress is typically 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. It is perfect for couples who need ample space to stretch out like a starfish. But it will occupy a considerable amount of surface space with 6,080 square inches. Therefore, before picking a king mattress, you should ask yourselves the following questions:

  • Do we have a sufficient budget?
  • Is the bedroom where we put the mattress more than 12 feet by 12 feet?
  • Do any of us tend to stretch and sprawl out? 

The king is suitable for most large master bedroom. Although a king mattress is much more expensive than a full, it allows your pet or a little child to sleep together with you and your partner sometime, which will not sacrifice your stretching space. So if you can afford it, a king is a good choice for its comfort space. 

Plus, see for its bulky shape, even the lightest weight one is still too heavy to move by yourselves, so you may need to hire professional movers to help you.   

Is the Queen Size Mattress Best for Couples?

The queen size mattress is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, which can fit in an area of 10 feet by 10 feet. It indicates that a queen is ideal for most master bedrooms and guest bedrooms. And with 30 inches of width space of each side, you can enjoy some extra space to switch positions when sharing a bed with your partner. Moreover, since it uses less materials than King, its price and weight will be much less. So it can help you save money and is easier to move upstairs or other places. That is pretty cool, right? In addition, if you and your partner want to switch the firmness from time to time, you may be able to shop for a mattress topper which can help you add more comfort. Therefore, we recommend the queen size mattress for most couples, hoping it is just right for you and your partners.

This guide is for informational purposes and should not be a substitute for medical advice from your doctor or other professionals.

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