Why a Mattress Topper Can Be a Game Changer

A mattress topper can improve your sleep in many ways. But what is it?

Generally it is put on top of a mattress to not only protect it but also add comfort to it.

Sometimes, the terms “mattress topper” and “mattress pad” are used interchangeably. Though similar, they are not quite the same. Mattress pads are much thinner and mainly offer protection, whereas mattress toppers, since they are thicker, do both - offer protection and add comfort.

There are many reasons why you might consider getting a mattress topper, ranging from simply adding extra cushioning to giving your body support when it's recovering from an injury, surgery, or illness.

What kind of mattress toppers are there?

If you start looking for a mattress topper now, you will find, there are many different ones to choose from. Just trying to find the right material for your perfect mattress topper can be overwhelming, so here is a general overview on what you could encounter while searching!

Cotton - has great breathability as it is natural. Picking up a cotton mattress topper can be a good idea if you are especially prone to allergies. However, it tends to not be quite as durable as other material choices, as it tends to wear down fast, especially if used daily. 

Wool - being another natural textile, can be a good choice as it can absorb the heat of our bodies very well. It’s also resistant to mites and mold. Last but not least its durability is quite good. The only downside being they can be pricy to get hold of.

 Latex - is also great for keeping mites and bacteria at bay. Its lifespan can also be quite impressive! Overtime with regular use, you will however notice the material aging. In terms of price it is also on the more expensive side, prices going up depending on thickness.

Memory foam - is a more modern alternative. It can “remember” its original shape and bounce back. This gives it a prolonged life, while at the same time adjusting to your body. It can also absorb excess movement, giving you and your partner a more restful night's sleep. Even though a standard memory foam topper is prone to retaining heat, there are ways to engineer it to be better at cooling, so you can still enjoy the other advantages of memory foam!

Egg crate - mattress toppers are popular as they are very breathable. And thanks to the bumps and dips you find on it, it can relieve pain and pressure so you can sleep comfortably. Bonus points, they’re flexible, making it easy for you to pack them up should you need/want to!

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