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Queen vs. Full: What Size of Mattress Is Best for You?

Queen size mattresses, measuring 60 x 80 inches, are most common in master bedrooms, which provide a luxurious amount of sleeping space. The full-sized beds, also known as "double beds", are 16 inches wider than the tiny twin, but a little bit smaller than the queen. One of the main differences of a queen size mattress and a full is the surface area, making them best for different persons.

So, is a full size mattress best for you? Or a queen? Please read on, and we will break down the pros and cons of each size, and key factors should be taken into consideration.

Queen vs. Full Size Mattress Comparison

Firstly, let’s have a quick look at their main differences. Below is a comparison chart, helping you have a more comprehensive understanding. 

Mattress SizeQueenFull
Dimensions60’’ x 80’’54’’ x 75’’
Surface area4800 square inches4050 square inches
Best forcouples or single sleepers who are prone to sprawl out.Single adults, guest bedroom or anyone with smaller room space looking for a mattress of an economical price.
Minimum Room Size10 x 12 feet10 x 11 feet

With a surface area of 4050 square inches, full size mattresses are great options for single adults who want more space than twin beds or people live in a small room. They are best fits to most guestrooms. Though referred to “double beds”, full mattresses actually can not comfortably fit most couples because there is almost no space for them to sprawl, or turn around in bed. Therefore, if you’re looking for a mattress for you and your partner, opt for the queen size, which is 6’’ wider and 5’’ longer than a full mattress.

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The following is a simple summary on the pros and cons of a twin or twin XL mattress.

Mattress sizeQueen Size MattressFull Size Mattress
Pros1.Enough space for most single sleepers or couples

2. More legroom for those taller than 6’ than a full mattress

3. Easy to get the right size accessories

4.Perfect for most master or guest bedrooms
1.Ideal for single sleepers, teenagers, or adults sleeping with a child or a pet
2. More affordable than a Queen
3. Lighter and more suitable for guest rooms
Cons1.Not friendly for couples sharing the bed with a small kid or pet
2.Much more expensive than a full mattress

3. Too heavy to move easily
1.Not suitable for those taller than 6’

2. Not enough space for most couples
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Which Size Should You Consider?

Budget and availability 

Generally, a full size mattress is more budget-friendly than a queen, regardless of the brand. The same goes for the price of its accessories. As the most popular mattress size, the queen bedding accessories are also widely available than the full. You’re supposed to choose the most suitable size according to your budget. If you’re on a tight budget, we would recommend Sweetnight Whisper Flippable Memory Foam Mattress and  Dreamy Hybrid Mattress, both of which are best value for your money and highly rated by our customers.   

Height and comfort 

Full beds are popular among single sleepers. They provide ample space for a comfortable night. We’re not recommend a full bed to couples, except you two like to cuddle. 

If you’re taller than 6 feet, queen size mattresses are your better options, which offer more leg room for you to place you legs cozily. Queen beds are also best for couples who share their bed with their baby or small pets.

Bedroom dimensions

The size of the room is also a key consideration to your new mattress. Queen size mattresses are better for larger rooms and full size mattresses are better for smaller ones. Queen beds are recommended for master bedrooms that are at least 10 x 12 feet, while the full beds work best for guestrooms that are not less than 10 x 11 feet. If you’re a graduate living in a studio apartment, the full mattress is a more affordable choice.     

Sleep positions

If you sleep alone and tend to keep the same position all night, a full bed is suitable for you. But if you like to move around in bed, and prefer a bigger bed surface, opt for a queen. Sweetnight provides both quality memory foam mattresses and pocket coil mattresses in queen size for your better rest. 

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This guide/article is for informational purposes only and should not replace the professional advice from your doctors and medical consultants.