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Pillow Size

S / Q / K

S / Q / K

S / Q / K

Pillow Fillings

90% cooling gel-infused memory foam+ 10% comfort foam

90% bamboo charcoal foam+10% comfort foam

90% memory foam+ 10% comfort foam

Reduced (neck) pain 

Sleeping Cool


Our Original memory foam pillow will conform perfectly to the shape of your body. Cooling gel-infused memory foam lending to a consistently cool sleep.

Our Bamboo pillow is mite-removing great for searching for a hypoallergenic pillow and it going to help you with good sleep.

The breathable bamboo cover keeps hot sleepers cooler.
Contains up 25% more shredded-foam fillings make the pillow easy to adjust for your body.

Price Range

$41.99 to $49.99

$48.99 to $58.99 

$41.99 to $49.99 

Every Pillow Comes With

Sweetnight Mattress with Certipur-us

CertiPUR-US Certified foam

Sweetnight Mattress Fits All Frames

Dust Mite Resistant

Sweetnight Mattress with 10 Years Limited Warranty

3-Year Limited Warranty

Sweetnight Mattresses offer 30-night sleep trial

Offer 100-nights sleep trial

Sweetnight Mattress with Free Shipping

Free shipping

How to Fluff Up SweetNight Shredded Memory Foam Pillows

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