Mattress Size Comparison: Sizes Guide & Dimensions Chart

A mattress is an investment, in both time and money. When purchasing a mattress, you will find that there are many factors that we should take into account, texture, feel, thickness, as well as size. Size seems quite straight forward, but there are actually some considerations.

If we look at the different sizes available on the market you will find that although thickness, design and materials can be rather different, size remains the only variable that is the same for all manufacturers.

Whether you are buying a memory foam, hybrid or innerspring mattress, they come in standard sizes listed in the table below.

Standard Mattress Sizes

Mattress Sizes Dimensions (Inches) Dimensions (Centimeters) Recommended Minimum Room Size
Twin Size38” x 75”99 cm x 190 cm7 x 10 feet
Twin XL Size38" X 80"99 cm X 203 cm8 x 10 feet
Full Size54” x 75”137 cm x 190 cm10 x 11 feet
Queen Size60” x 80”152 cm x 203 cm10 x 12 feet
King Size76” x 80”193 cm x 203 cm12 x 12 feet
Cal King Size72” x 84”183 cm x 213 cm12 x 12 feet

These sizes tend to be the standard that is available on the market. So how does size affect sleep you might ask. Let's look at the different mattress measurements and see how they might affect your sleep experience.


A twin size mattress is usually 38” W x 75” L, and this is the smallest mattress size available for an adult. The twin size mattress is one of the most popular sizes for children and teens alike who are too big to fit a baby bed and too small to justify a full-sized bed. It is also a good option for single sleepers who are not more than six feet. This size is commonly used in bunk bed, college dorm rooms or small guest rooms. We definitely don’t recommend getting a Twin if you are more than 6 feet, it would not be a pleasant sleeping experience at all.

There is another less common mattress size - the small single size, it has the same length as the twin-sized bed but is 8 inches shorter. They are usually interchangeable, but the standard twin size is much more prevalent today. It is also a good option if you are looking for a bed for single individuals while you’re on a tight budget.

Twin XL

A twin XL size mattress is 38” W x 80” L, which is the same width as the twin size mattress, but 5 inches longer in length. Therefore, this is great for taller adults who sleep alone and may not have a spacious room.

Putting two twin XL size beds side-by-side together, then you can get a king size bed! It’s a good trick if you want to share a king size bed with your sleep partner but don’t want to be bothered by each other, this way serves couples with different mattress preferences to meet individual needs.


A full-size mattress is 54” W x 75” L, this mattress size is also known as the “double” size, which refers to double the width of an ordinary twin bed, the fact is only 16 inches wider than a twin size bed.

Many hosts may make it as a spare bed in a guest room. This size is also ideal for single sleepers looking for more space to sprawl out in bed. A full size mattress may not be a good choice for couples that want more space since you would only have 27 inches of width per person to sleep on.


A queen size mattress is 60” W x 80” L. It is the most popular mattress size in the U.S. It is ideally suited for couples who do not require too much space or single sleepers who prefer extra space to sprawl out or move around. It is worth noting that the length is 80 inches, so it also fits taller individuals that are under 6.5 feet in height.

Queen size mattress takes up relatively more space, our recommend minimum room size should be 10 feet x 10 feet, it is imperative to measure your room accurately before purchasing a mattress. Otherwise, you may need go through the hassle of returning the mattress.


A king size mattress is 76” W x 80” L. The most common luxurious sleep experience is usually on a king sized bed, which is the equivalent of two Twin XL mattresses. There is adequate room for sleepers to stretch, which provides 4 inches of extra width than California King. The large surface area makes it an excellent choice for two adults with kids or even pets.

California King

A California king size mattress is 72” W x 84” L. In terms of the standard mattress sizes, the California king size is the longest. Lose 4 inches in width compared to the king size mattress but gain an additional 4 inches in length, making it more suitable for tall sleepers, offering more legroom.

It can accommodate a couple comfortably and an extra sleeper as well, such a kid or even a pet.

Other Mattress Sizes

We have already mentioned above there are six standard mattress sizes and an uncommon size - small single size. Are there other mattress sizes? Yes, but they are not universal in the market, you may need to customize them from the manufacturer if you have a special requirement.

It can accommodate a couple comfortably and an extra sleeper as well, such a kid or even a pet.

Mattress Sizes Dimensions (Inches) Dimensions (Centimeters) Recommended Minimum Room Size
Crib Size28" X 52"69 cm X 129 cm/
Full XL Size54" X 80"137 cm X 203 cm10 x 11 feet
Olympic Queen Size66" X 80"167 cm X 203 cm10 x 10 feet
California Queen Size 60" X 84"152 cm X 213 cm10 x 12 feet
Wyoming King Size84" X 84"213 cm X 213 cm12 x 12 feet
Texas King Size80" X 98"203 cm X 249 cm12 x 14 feet


The standard crib mattress size is 28” W x 52” L and can be perfectly fitted in the crib for a baby. The federal government mandates the standard crib mattress size for safety reasons - the gap between the mattress and the crib should not be greater than two fingers wide. For this reason, the toys should not be placed in the crib unsupervised by adults. Otherwise, the baby could be at risk of asphyxiation.

Mattresses for cribs are generally 5-6 inches thick, which is a thickness that will support the infant’s body for a firm feel.

Full XL

Compared to the standard full size, the full XL is 5 inches longer in length. The larger legroom for taller individuals to sleep alone. It can also be a good choice for a spare bed for guest rooms.

Olympic Queen

The Olympic queen has the same length as the standard queen size bed but is 6 inches wider than the standard queen size bed. The wider space is comfy for the couple.

It is not as big as the king size, but it still provides bigger space than a standard queen size, which it’s a good option for couples or single sleepers who want more space. It is a good compromise between standard queen and king size mattresses.

But it’s hard to find pretty bedding and accessories to match this size, which can be rather inconvenient.

California Queen

The California queen shared the same width as a standard queen mattress but 4 inches longer. And its length equals the California king size mattress. It is a good choice for taller-than-six-feet individuals, the extra legroom provides more comfort.

Wyoming King

Wyoming king is the smallest in size of the oversized mattresses. It is 84 inches by 84 inches. It is 12 inches wider than the Cal king mattress but just as long. Since it is 12 inches wider, there is definitely no need to worry about feeling cramped for space.

Texas King

Named after the U.S. second largest state, Texas, the Texas King mattress is the second largest size for a mattress on the market, as the name implies.

Eighty by ninety-eight inches, you can imagine the added horizontal surface area this mattress provides. It is 4-inch narrower than the smallest oversized mattress - the Wyoming king, but it makes up for 12 inches in length.

It is a perfect option for taller sleepers who possess a spacious master bedroom.

Size vs Size

Twin vs. Twin XL

Mattress SizeTwinTwin XL
Dimensions in Inches38” x75”38” X 80”
Surface Area2850 square inches3040 square inches
Recommended Minimum Room Size7 x 10 feet8 x 10 feet
Best ForSingle sleepers like toddles and teens, or bunk bedsTaller teenagers, single sleepers, or those with limited space

The main difference is 5 inches in length, the extra length can offer much more legroom for taller sleepers. However, the twin XL size will cost slightly more than the twin size due to that few inches extra.

We do not recommend using Twin bed sheets for Twin XL mattresses. Although sometimes it may fit, nothing done forcefully is going to have a good outcome. An appropriate bed sheet can protect your mattress better.

The pros and cons of a twin or twin XL mattress as follows:

SizeTwinTwin XL
Pros● Maximum space saving
● More affordable than twin XL
● Widely available
● More legroom
● Affordable and space saving
Cons● Not friendly for tall people
● Too small for some adults or couples
● Higher cost than a twin bed
● Fewer accessories in Twin XL size

Full vs. Queen

Mattress SizeFullQueen
Dimensions in Inches54” x75”60” X 80”
Surface Area4050 square inches4800 square inches
Recommended Minimum Room Size10 x 11 feet10 x 12 feet
Best ForSingle adults, guest room or anyone with smaller space, couples who like to cuddleCouples, or adults who like to sprawl out

Compared to the queen size bed, the full size is 6 inches narrower and 5 inches shorter.

Full size is a good option for adults or teens who sleep alone; couples can sleep on this size for several days, not long term, mind you. The queen-size bed is the most popular size in the USA, it suits couples and single sleepers who prefer to sprawl out. Due to its popularity, the relevant bedding and matching accessories are easy to find.

You can choose the right size by based on your requirements by following the comparison table below:

Pros● Ideal for single sleepers and teens
● More affordable than a Queen
● Lighter and more suitable for guest rooms
● Enough space for most single sleepers or couples
● More legroom for people taller than 6’
● Easy to get right size accessories
● Perfect for most master or guest rooms
Cons● Not suitable for those taller than 6’
● Not enough space for most couples
● Not friendly for couples co-sleep with a small kid or pet
● More expensive than a Full mattress
● Too heavy to move easily

King vs. California King

Mattress SizeKingCalifornia King
Dimensions in Inches76” x80”72” X 84”
Surface Area6080 square inches6048 square inches
Recommended Minimum Room Size12 x 12 feet12 x 12 feet
Best ForCouples who enjoy their space or share the bed with kids or petsCouples with kids or pets who prefer a luxurious amount of sleeping space; taller sleepers

The king mattress is 4 inches wider, while the California king size is 4 inches longer. In comparison, the surface area of the Cal king size will be a little smaller, but because of the longer length, it is more suitable for taller sleepers. California king size is the longest in terms of standard-sized mattresses, which can accommodate individuals taller than 6 feet. The cost of the matching accessories of the bed should be considered; California king beds are relatively less common, so the accessories are more expensive.

They both have their pros and cons, choose the best size that fits your needs.

Pros● The surface area is relatively bigger
● Accessories are easily available
● More legroom for sleepers
Cons● Inadequate for those who with 6+ feet height
● Difficult to move
● More expensive
● Require extra spacious master room

Which Bed Size Is Right For You?

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