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Observe your snooze cat and you can be a cat-reader

If the laziest wild animal is the koala, then the laziest pet must be the cat. A cat can spend 15 hours every day sleeping, with some snoozing for up to 20 hours per day. You can always find them squeezing themselves into a tiny box or spreading their legs to play a star-fish role.

Cats experience similar sleep stages as humans. They fall asleep quickly, presumably, after a burst of intense energy, and then slip into slow-wave sleep. Most people notice cats’ tails, paws, and whiskers twitch because cats dream just like humans do when they sleep in the REM period.

And the most exciting thing is that you can tell what your cat is thinking through their sleeping positions. Let’s learn how to read the messages they try to tell us.

Mattress Cat

The curled cat

Cat likes curling up their tail in a graceful swoop around their body and their head tucked in toward their chest. They are protecting their soft and tiny toes from prodding fingers. The curled cats tell you that they want to stay alone and don’t want to be disturbed. 

Cat in a box

The cutest position for human-beings is a cat trying to hide in a box. It seems like a baby sleeping in the baby cot enjoying a sweet dream. In some way, your cat is trying to tell you that they need some sense of self-safety. A similar example of human-beings is experienced with people who like to sleep at the corner of the bed. If your cat always sleeps in a box, then you can purchase a Sweetnight mattress which is a mattress in a box. You can have the most comfortable mattress or pillow for you and your partner, as well as prepare a safe zone for your pet.

Mattress In a Box
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The star-fish cat

A cat will only expose their stomach if they feel completely confident and comfortable with what (and who) is going on around them. If your cat sleeps like a star-fish, then you can tell that a king or queen lives with you. Also, it shows that the cat trusts you completely and feels safe around you. Congratulations!

The cat loaf

Sometimes you can find that your cat tucks their front paws under their body, but maintaining an upright posture. You cannot distinguish if they are falling asleep or not, but if you look closely, you realize that they have their eyes closed, which means that they are indeed asleep. This position is called the cat loaf position.

The cat loaf position is not as cute as the others; it seems like the cat is considering some important issues and cannot relax enough. On the contrary, however, even though they are ready to spring into action, they’re mostly enjoying their comfortable surroundings.

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