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How to pick the best mattress?

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How to pick the best mattress?

Can you quickly answer where you spend most of your time in your day-to-day life? I bet over 70% of the answers would be “in bed”. Studies show that human beings spend 1/3 of their lifetime in bed. That’s why people always pay much attention to picking up the best mattress for themselves.

A great mattress can not only bring you a good night’s sleep but also help you have a healthy back and spine alignment. Some people prefer to sleep in a super soft mattress that feels like they are being hugged but ignores the pain it brings to the supporting muscle. Others like lying on a tough mattress despite having to toss and turn all night.

So what does the most comfortable mattress look like?

There is not an ideal standard but depending on your preference, you can choose a mattress that can fit you and fit your shape. This can be described as the “perfect mattress” for you.

So you need to figure out the points below to know what your “destiny mattress” is.

Ideal material and support

There are 3 main types of mattresses in the global market.


The most common mattress type must be the innerspring mattress due to its various advantages such as its incredible elasticity and marvelous breathability. But some of the innerspring mattresses are uncomfortable because you can easily feel the coils stuck on your back.

Gel memory foam

Lots of people love the gel memory foam mattress. It is kind of the most popular mattress type nowadays, especially during the hot summer. Just imagine feeling hotter and hotter when you are sleeping and wake up to find yourself to have become a sweat bucket. How annoying, right?

Then gel memory foam mattress would be the superhero of every sleep you have. The cool gel regulates your body temperature and keeps you feeling comfy throughout the night.


The Latex mattress is famous for its adaptability, which can help to fully release your body pressure. If you already have some problems because of the unhealthy sleep positions, however, you’d be better off avoiding the latex mattress because it would worsen the unhealthy sleep positions.

The sleeping comfort

Basically, the medium-firm mattress is suitable for most people. But the customized comfortability still needs to be considered based on the features below:

The weight

Firmer or softer? Sometimes it depends on your weight, if you are slight, the plush mattress would be the better choice for you. Otherwise, a big body needs much more support to avoid sagging, so the firmer mattress would be the preferred choice.

The gender

How can gender affect the selection of mattresses?
The female body shape is much curvier compared to that of their male counterparts, so they need the plush mattress which provides the edge to edge target support.

On the contrary, the body pressure of males is mainly from the upper body, so they need a firmer mattress.
So it’s very important and necessary for you and your partner to select a mattress which fits both of you.
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