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How to choose a pillows? And how many types of pillows available on market?

How to choose a pillows? And how many types of pillows available on market?

Pillows are made with a variety of different materials that influence their quality and durability as well as personal comfort. How to pick suitable pillows for yourself?!

There are major materials on pillow markets, which are chosen specifically to provide different comfort levels or to support specific factors such as cooling effects and washability.




1) Fillings

What is your pillow filled with? Fillings sometimes are called stuffing or filler, which defines its character, affecting ventilation, cooling, or allergen relief. Depending on the sort of pillow filling and the used quantity, your pillow could be entirely unique & appropriate to your preferences: supportive, firm, soft, high or low loft.


• Poly Fill

Polyfill is a synthetic polyester fiber that is used to create a faux-down pillow feel or added support due to how strong and durable it is when under pressure. Typically, it is machine washable and dryable without compromising its integrity.




• Down & Feather Blends

Down and feather blends are a traditional bedding fill and are popular due to how well it shapes and molds to your weight- all while providing a soft feel and decent underlying support. A good down and feather fill can last for many years and is considered high quality.


• Memory Foam

Memory foam delivers contouring comfort & generally stronger support for thin pillow selections. Also, it could be shredded to allow for proper support, shaping, contouring, and adjustability.



• Kapok

Kapok is a natural fiber that is extremely soft and airy, and it is often used with other materials (like shredded memory foam) to attain a soft yet supportive balance.


• Gel

Gel-infused poly-fiber & gel layers are popular additions to several pillow fillings because of their conductive properties that help draw heat from surfaces that are warmer than they are – creating a cooling sensation.




2) Loft

You want to go out shopping for a new & cozy pillow. There are some hints about buying a pillow. The first thing is to consider if you want a high or low loft pillow. When it comes to pillows, loft is a term or concept you need to know about.

Loft refers to the height or thickness of your pillow. You can essentially replace the word ‘loft’ with ‘height’. Some people want a firm & thick pillow, while some others desire a soft and low pillow, which depends on their needs.

Under the standards of the market, there are three common loft measurements:

  • High loft More than 6 inches thick
  • Medium Loft 3-6 inches thick
  • Low-Loft – Less than 3 inches thick

A high-loft plush would refer to a thick pillow that is soft enough that your head can sink into it. On the flip side, a low-loft firm would refer to a thin pillow that has a hard and supportive surface, to keep your head propped up.

As you might find that a high loft pillow sinks down to a medium loft once you place the weight of your sleeping head on top of it. Choosing the right loft can greatly impact your sleep. The position you sleep in at night will help determine the right pillow loft for you.





There are several brilliant pillow selections to meet the variable needs of your sleep positions and preferences. Some people prefer to have soft ones, while some want to have firm ones.  

Before you purchase pillows online, it is important for you to take a look at the reviews there to understand more about the products.

You have a wide range of selections above to help you get started in your search for the perfect nighttime comfort. If you have any questions about any of the above, please let me know below!



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