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How do you share the bed with your partner?

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How do you share the bed with your partner?

It’s interesting talking about the sleep positions that couples have. There are many sleep types and different people belong to different sleep types. You and your partner may have different sleeping positions, and each position indeed reflects the different personalities of each individual. The way that a couple sleeps tells a lot about their bond and relationship. According to social research, 96% of couples who sleep while touching each other tend to have a happy relationship. On the other hand, 25% of couples who argue in bed tend to feel disturbed by the idea of sleeping next to their partners.

Let’s discuss the common and uncommon sleep positions between lovers, and you can try to figure out more about your relationship.


1. The most traditional one: The Spoon

Even though the spoon is the most common sleeping position between couples, only 18% of lovers like this position. They hug each other with a tight front to back a touch, which seems like one strong body hug can protect the other one. It also means that the couple trusts each other and find a sense of safety in each other’s arms. It is one of the most comfortable sleeping positions shared between couples.

2. The Loose Spoon

Compared to the Spoon, the Loose spoon is the same sleep position but they leave some space between each other instead of sharing a tight hug. It usually means that the couple has been together long enough to trust one another and don't feel the need to constantly be touching. Don’t misunderstand the meaning though; the loose spoon is often a transition from the spoon position. It basically means that the couple is in a stable place in their relationship and need some personal space.

3. The lovers’ knot

Though the couples start out touching (the Knot), they eventually "unravel" into independence. It is similar to the Loose Spoon position. Only 8% of lovers prefer sleeping like this.

4. The Liberty

Sleeping with your partner back to back without touching must be the most freeing and independent position a couple can share. 28% of couples sleep like this; they are connected but also secure in themselves.

5. The Tangle

If you are newly in love, you must be totally in love with the Tangle position. In this position, the new romantic lovers, hug each other tightly while face to face with each other. This close touching shows that you don’t want to leave each other even 1 second, even though this kind of sleeping position is not the most comfortable one.

6. The Romantic

The Romantic position is indeed a romantic one. One person lies with their head and arms on the other’s chest; it’s really common in relationships. This position represents a vibrant or rekindled love, where one character plays a stronger and protective role, and the other one feels safe and trustful when being held.

There are other sleeping positions shared between couples including The Cherish position, where couples sleep with their backs against each other. In the Pillow, Talk position partners sleep face to face without touching. Another common position is the Superhero, where the partners lie in starfish position with one partner hanging off the bed.

Most of the couples feel comfortable when they sleep with their partners, but some of them cannot get used to it and they spend sleepless nights next to their partners. There are a bunch of reasons why people can’t sleep next to their partners including the snoring, tossing and turning, and the fact that some people are sweaty and uncomfortable when they are held by their partner, especially in the hot summer.

So how can you sleep better with your partner? It’s very important to keep sleeping in an undisturbed environment if you are eager to have a refreshed morning. It means that you need a cool gel memory foam mattress which can fix the snoring problems and prevent both of you from tossing and turning during the night. Then you should not miss the best mattress for hot sleepers here; the Sweetnight mattress can help you sleep better and solve all your sleeping problems while promoting your nights and relationship too.

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