Bed Technology: Why Choose Memory Foam Mattress?

Bed Technology

Sweet Night mattress experts have been thinking about the Memory Foam Mattress for years to get it right on most competitive and comfortable mattress on market. The memory foam materials are well known in the mattress industry and can be found in most bed stores.

Sweet Night Breeze Memory Foam Mattress

History Of Memory Foam 

Memory Foam was first developed back in 1966 for NASA to improve safety of Air Craft cushions. Later, it was also used in sports wear helmets in particular giving a safer head wear for American footballers. It quickly became cheaper and households began affordably to purchase memory foam pillows, mattresses even blankets.

Memory Foam Material

Memory Foam is made up of chemicals mainly polyurethane memory substance, which is made through chemical processing. Its known as viscoelastic and has small holes or cells for air to move through.  

Sweet Night Breeze Memory Foam Mattress Material

Memory Foam & Its Benefits 

The memory foam mattress can come in all shapes and sizes there are so many options available these days. With many advantages memory foam can bring us a better healthier life style, there are different brands available on market. Overall, all memory foam mattress from different brands work in common. The benefits include better posture, brain activity, more rest and greater muscle mass for athlete's. Sweet Night Mattress look at some of the positive effects memory foam could have on your body. 

The sleeping posture is important for a number of reasons. The first thing to be considered is your spine, which should be straight while you sleep and you should lay on your back or side. Memory Foam will mold to your body creating a surface that will keep you in place during sleep. Memory Foam Mattress Sleeping Posture

Also, your brain can be effected by blood flow during sleep. You want want to encourage the flow as much as possible. You can do this by aligning your body in a straight position. Memory Foam is ideal for this situation. Blood Flowing to the brain will help against disease and strokes in the long term.

Sweet Night Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Memory Foam is ideal for sleep, helping sleepers get enough rest and recharged by fast relieving pressures & stresses from the body. Therefore,a Memory Foam mattress is ideal for gym enthusiasts and athletes by creating a better sleep surface, which is crucial to a better life style in general. 

Sweet Night mattresses got many global bed awards for their mattress quality and technology. Sweet Night mattresses also offer many different shapes & sizes of high-quality memory foam mattresses in an easy compressed delivery available on markets and online. Also they are affordable too!

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